On raising a Feminist, every day, not just on March the 8th!

Let me tell you something, I am a feminist mum raising a feminist young girl. Why? Because it is the right thing to do, raising a young person for equality by letting her know that she can do what ever she wants to, in her own terms and that with it comes her rights and duties towards herself and others. 

She will decide who she will be, do and say as she sees fit. Even, if  in the future she decides to be for example, a stay at home mum, a rocket scientist, a car mechanic or a ballet dancer.  The most important thing is that, she knows that feminism is not a dirty word that so many women feel shy to admit they are, just because many are ignorant of the real meaning of it. Some, simply don't care because much of the work has been done by others in the past or present, and there is a feeling that if one states to be a feminist that means hairy legs and a moustache?! -It does not. Gimme a break!! It's 2018, there is wikipedia if you are allergic to books and read about it! Seriously, there is no reason for all the nonsense about the F word. No, not that one, Feminism! That dirty word for so many! (long sigh!)

My daughter is fully aware that there are enough people, who keep on saying what a feminist should be or do or what a women in general is all about. Should a woman have kids, marry, be gay, straight, run demonstrations, run for public office, be CEOs, scientists, can a feminist have a beauty Vlog? These are the questions a young person may ask, as adults seem themselfs so confused about it. What is a feminist and why so many women shy away from it, while others even condemn it? And I am not talking about Saudi Arabia, I am talking Europeans for example. (yet another long sigh)

Looking back in history, as we so often do at home, we can look up for so many women who had to be total trailblazers and face the backlash of society in order for women in the present day to enjoy the freedom we now have. The freedom to push forward laws and international pressure on other countries, in order to make them accountable in terms women's rights. There is still allot to be done, closing the pay gap and end the slut shaming of women in general in most develop nations and continuing working with countries where the women's rights are right back where the first feminist movement started.

Raise your kids, both genders, for equality and tell them all about civil rights movements, suffragists, women's rights activists, men feminists (and there are plenty way ahead of their time still for today's reality), showcase with amazing women who with their work, advanced women's empowerment everywhere! Showcase with women from all continents, women of today and from the past! Women of all races and backgrounds, but above all be yourself a role model, by uplifting other women's achievements. One woman's success, is all women's success. Rise and persist, the world will be a better place for all if you do it. So, forget about princesses, surround your daughter with real women role models, to raise an empowered woman. Because Feminism is not a dirty word.

Here's a tiny sample of showcasing amazing women, getting under their skin and learning about their personal stories. Their failures, successes and flaws too, because perfection is trying and pushing.

Frida Kahlo  

Rosie the Riveter was a fictional character featured in a propaganda campaign created by the U.S. government to encourage white middle-class women to work outside the home during World War II.

Misty Copeland 

  The two Feminists, mum and daughter!


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