Beautiful mother and daughter's work


A beautiful work by a mom and a daughter. It coud be dones by us two, if were not for the small detail that I am not as talented as my daughter (See here)

A mãe começou, a pequena acabou! Lindo, até  podia ser cá em casa, não fosse eu uma nulidade no desenho!


Sónia is the founder and writer of Amniotico- Parenting, Travel and Tales. She began this blog in 2005 with two posts about parenting, the year she had daughter Francisca. Then life happened. Now since 2014 with a whole new focus on Parenting and Travel. Sonia is also an international Human Rights and Elections expert and as such has worked with the United Nations and European Union in many parts of the globe, including conflict and war torn countries while being a single mom!