Hipster breakfasts

I know it's all part of the current trend and all, but the truth is that they are really quite good_ The famous green smoothies!

As a daily shot of essential vitamins and nutrients without you having to fill yourself with vitamins tablets etc found for myself the solution! Fresh and super yammy! I confess that at first I told her that green part was Kiwi, she loved it and then I finally confessed that it was spinach! She made me 'that' face but then she surrendered!

Chia seeds
Handful of fresh spinach
1 Banana
1 Orange

1 teaspoon honey

A mom gotta do, what a mom gotta do! ;)
|Pequenos almoços a la hipster | 

Sei que agora tá na moda e tal, mas a verdade é que são muito bons mesmo: os famosos batidos verdes!

Para assegurar a doce diária de vitaminas e nutrientes essenciais sem lhe encher com comprimidos vitaminas etc encontrei para mim a solução! Frescos e super yammy! Confesso que no inicio disse-lhe que o verde era de Kiwi, amou e confessei que eram espinafres! Fez-me uma cara mas depois rendeu-se! 

Sementes de Chia
Mão cheia de espinafres frescos
1 Banana
1 Laranja
1 colher pequena de mel


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